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A graduate who's majoring in Chinese and Media, and passionate to be a communicator of Chinese culture

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Hello! My name is lan. it's nice to meet you here. I'm from Shandong, China, and my Mandarin is Level 2A. I have a 6.5 IELTS in English and a little bit of Korean. I am currently a graduate student at Monash University and working as a teaching assistant in a vocational college in Jinan. My major is Chinese, Media and International Exchange.

 I also have many friends from different countries, such as France, Australia and Canada. They think I am cheerful and funny, and I think so too, because I like to live a relaxed and fun lifestyle, and of course that is my teaching style, for example we can learn Chinese culture and vocabulary in a relaxed and chatty way. My hobbies are photography, movies, travel, fitness, beauty and food... I often travel around China on various vacations and I really enjoy all the food everywhere (which is why I need to lose weight all the time). I also really enjoy watching movies like The Hobbit, Pride and Prejudice, and Mulan.

Although we can only teach and communicate online now, I believe we can still talk about Chinese culture and the interesting aspects of the Chinese language. What a life to look forward to!​

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Teaching Subject

 Pre-schooler (2-6 yrs)

Chinese For Beginner Level

Chinese For Intermediate Level

Chinese For Advanced Level

HSK 1-6 Lessons

Chinese Schoolwork Tutoring

Conversational Chinese

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