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mamun 123
Jun 11, 2022
In TV& Film Forum
This tweet will discuss how to operate the gallery website from 0 to 1. Like all Internet products, the operation and development of the gallery website can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of the product, the development stage, and the mature stage. The operation side executive list of product development at different stages Emphasis varies, but the following is a step-by-step explanation of how a gallery site works. 1. How to polish the website in the early stage and get seed users From the product level, the task in the initial stage of website executive list operation is to verify the product and verify the market demand. Grasp the core product process to build MVP, introduce user experience products, gradually improve product functions through user feedback, and continuously iterate to form a stable product form. From an operational point of view, the important task in the initial stage of website operation is to acquire seed users, mainly from the two main executive list traffic portals of Facebook and Google. 1) How to polish the website in the initial stage - the function of the website is perfect From the perspective of product functions, gallery website products need executive list to consider the functions of platform content producers, content display and distribution, and content consumers. The whole process of content consumers from content browsing, content executive list downloading to content payment is where the product needs to be polished. The content producer part needs to improve the upload function, content production guidance and work data overview. In a website product with massive content, the search matching degree and search recommendation function need to be very powerful. Excellent executive list search content matching is conducive to the display and consumption of content. Background management also mainly focuses on content display and content consumption. Product polishing mainly focuses on the following aspects: How users can accurately find content involves optimization of search executive list presentation logic, recommendation of related content, etc. User payment path, from user registration -> content download -> guide recharge, how to guide users in product design in each link. Content production example guide for content production, upload process specification, content review and feedback function.
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mamun 123

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